Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where are my beers? And where is my damn chalupa?

Another day, another slew of lamentations, misery, and delicious, delicious complaints.

"Jessica" contacted me recently to lament her lack of beers. Read:

"To be honest, I'm running low on beers (prayers) for the last week or so, can't focus on my work, and finding it almost impossible to separate my concerns from my complaints."

Excellent complaint, Jessica!

Roommate Sarah registered another complaint as well. Thanks to her recent injury, she is an wealth of top-notch complaints. Read:

"I have another complaint! I don't have any chalupas!"

You read that right. Sarah has no chalupas. She is laid up and gimpy and completely chalupa-free. Jessica has no beers. She feels out of focus and can no longer distinguish between a concern and a complaint.
What can we do for these two beer-less, chalupa-less, internet ladies? 

 Jessica, these are for you. All the internet beers you can stand. Feast your on eyes on these beauts!

And Sarah- For your viewing pleasure:
Until you can down more than Saltines and powerade...
Now, pictures of beer and food certainly isn't a substitute for the real thing, but it's better than nothing. Right?

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