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  1. I have a complaint! I have a friend. We'll call her... "Susan." Susan and I were friends 15 years ago, in high school, after which we drifted apart as high school friends tend to do. Susan recently got in touch, more or less out of the blue, to ask for editorial and design help on her wedding invitations, program, and various other wedding-related materials. OF NOTE: Her save-the-date cards had already gone out. Did I receive one? No I did not.

    Now, being a nice and generally agreeable person, I made some very helpful notes on her sheaf of wedding-related materials and sent them back to her.

    Did I receive a thank you in return? No. Would you like to know what I received, Internet Complaint Registry? WOULD YOU? Because I will tell you.

    Susan's response: "I noticed you didn't mark up Section X. I think Section X is where I need the most help - would you take another look?"

    Now, I spend most of my day getting paid to do just this sort of work. Furthermore, I'm a fairly busy person with many and varied interests - eating! lying around! hanging out with my cats! watching inane internet videos! I prefer not to give my valuable skills away for free to just anyone who doesn't invite me to her stupid wedding.

    YEAH WELL I DIDN'T WANT TO GO ANYWAY SUSAN. You owe me like at least $15 for those edits, too.